New Test Reporting!

Apart from having the HTML test reports on Jenkins the QA team maintained three different spreadsheets where they kept all test results for the User Acceptance Tests and the Nightlies. Those spreadsheets were updated manually by having someone looking at the results on Jenkins and write them on the spreadsheets. Do you want to know how do we automate that? Read on to find out.

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A bit less than 3 years ago, a team of hackers rather fond of - at the time - seemingly niche technologies, decided to ditch their monolithic PHP application and move to a more maintainable and resilient architecture. Microservices were not as popular back then as today - some of the most successful startups around the time went with this new-old approach, but the whole topic fell outside the periphery of most hackers. Yet, this tech and craft beer loving crew decided to rebuild Hailo in Go, using microservices. The idea of h2 was born.

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Extensible and adaptable UIs on Android

When it comes to add more and more features, things can get really messy and it is easy to be in a situation where your users are going to suffer because the main functionality is hidden by a dozen of secondary ones. It becomes also pretty much impossible to evolve a tool in order to meet deadlines and new requirements. Last year, in Hailo we decided to do a step back and align designers with developers in order to refactor our application with the intent to simplify the overall User Experience, trying at the same time to keep the UI clean and extensible as much as possible.

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At Hailo, we help remove some of the everyday hassles that slow you down. With our easy-to-use app, passengers get a taxi or licensed car in two quick taps, while drivers earn more money more efficiently. Go to

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