Microservices - a DevOps architecture at Hailo

DevOps is all about breaking down the barriers between development and operational teams and thereby unlocking a wide range of benefits in how we design, build, deploy and support software. DevOps has been the key driver behind the adoption of a whole raft of technologies, architectures, processes and skills and one of the best of these is continuous delivery — delivering business value in a continuous stream without creating chaos as you do so.

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Developing Web applications at Hailo

Hailo is built around lots of microservices, but also dozen of web apps notably providing monitoring, reporting and administration tools for our system. This post presents how we transitioned from disparate web applications and a growing "do-it-all" library to a reliable ecosystem to build and improve our tools.

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How we automate interlinking apps at Hailo, a real MF (Meta Framework)

Our automated tests need two phones to run. Not the same test on two different phones, not different tests on two phones in parallel, but a single test that runs on both phones at once. We love Cucumber, we love Calabash, but we couldn't find anyone who's made them do that. So, we decided to sort that out for ourselves. How'd we manage it? What were the complications? What's next? Read on to find out.

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